Biography Matthieu W.M. van Roermund


Since 1998 Matthieu van Roermund appears as a management consultant. Initially he was employed with the management consulting firm Arthur D. Little International, Inc., since July 2000 he operates his private one-person management consulting firm. To date his management consulting experience covers the following cases among others:

         Working with the client in a joint team of 15 members when performing post-merger integration and business process redesign with an Asian shipping-line with 5 divisions and more than 150 vessels, such as intercontinental and feeder container carriers, liquid and gas tankers, crude carriers and bulk carriers. Subsequently integrating the fleet of another shipping-line that was taken over. The additional fleet consisted of approximately 90 vessels

         Counseling an investment bank on their role as financial advisor to a European railway company that was preparing for a private placing of a substantial part of its shares with institutional and strategic partners

         Investigating new strategic directions, in other words commercial due diligence, with a company active in various service operations such as engineering and tank & reefer repair. Subsequently simulating with business models in order to get a feeling how to improve EBIT by either cutting off (selling) or expanding (taking over competitors) the various business-lines. Finally submitting a shortlist with take-over candidates

         Structuring and judging various innovative options to increase the operational capacity for passenger and cargo trains on the railway network with a rail capacity manager

         Market opportunity assessment with an American research industry and global supplier of non-intrusive, large container inspection equipment based on the application of pulsed fast neutron technology

         Developing a vision on the long term spatial needs of the growing container industry in the ports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Flushing and Terneuzen with the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project

         Submitting the technical specifications for a transmission network operations business-unit, and a commercial plan for a service provisioning business-unit, with a newly set-up mobile telephone operator, bidding for a contract commissioned by a European railway company.

         Counseling a global top-3 shipping-line on the extension need for terminal facilities in north-west Europe

         Market research on the growth potential of various rail cargo transportation segments and subsequently performing an interactive workshop on current market innovations, with the management team of a rail capacity manager

         Investigating the feasibility of implementing round-the-clock operational services by five leading container service providers in the port of Rotterdam

         Providing in-house management consulting support to a port management authority. Performing four different tasks, i.e. managing a rail program, providing resource and knowledge support to the involved company divisions and the corporate management team, drawing up a new European hinterland program and transferring knowledge to employees by coaching promising project managers

         Acting as delegate-principal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague concerning a market study on the competitiveness of the port of Rotterdam in the Hamburg-le Havre range of north-west European container ports. Guided the tendering, selecting, commissioning and performing stages of the market study that was carried out by a leading management consulting firm

         Providing an expert vision on business location opportunities for a Dutch region client.


Matthieu van Roermund has significant experience in business development, marketing & sales, joint ventures and strategy in both the container and in the transportation and logistics industry. In addition he has worked as management consultant for years. His international experience concentrates on the container port industry, on cargo and passenger transportation via all modes and on research & development concerning traffic and transportation systems.


Before joining Arthur D. Little International Matthieu worked in the port of Rotterdam as executive with Europe Combined Terminals (ECT). He has played a significant role in the technical, logistical, strategic and commercial development of the Rotterdam Maasvlakte area as well as in developing rail and barge service centers in the Port of Rotterdam and on the European continent.

During a period of three years he managed a team of 30 operational experts from the port of Rotterdam that supported the Nhava Sheva Port Authority during the operational start-up of both a container, a bulk and a maintenance terminal in India. Before that assignment he built and started up the operations of a container barge terminal in Basel together with a colleague.


His industry experience spans two years in research & development on advanced passenger and cargo transportation systems, during two years an assignment as the principal for the construction and the building management of a new 30.000 sq. meter office building with the same employer, followed by two decades in the area of ports, shipping and intermodal business. The positions he held with ECT include terminal construction manager, co-coordinator consulting services, manager business development, manager corporate strategy and intermodal executive.


Matthieu holds a master's degree in civil engineering of the Delft University of Technology. His thesis was on traffic and transportation in which area he completed a specialized study program. He is fluent in English, German and Dutch (mother tongue), possesses a working knowledge of French and has started to learn Spanish.



Communication with him can take place via his business address:

Generaal Maczekstraat 92/16

4818 BX Breda

Mobile/cell phone: +

E-mail address: info@roermund.com

Internet: www.roermund.com